Schools of Hard Knocks

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Government spending has been directed toward prisons and away from
higher education for several years now, reports Mother Jones
(July/Aug. 2001). Some states stand out in the race to incarcerate,
with huge shifts in spending from education to prisons in the past
20 years. Alaska leads the way, having increased per capita
spending on prisons since 1980 by $67.83 and cut higher education
spending by $241.29, a gap of $309.12. The top 10:

1. Alaska$309.12
2. Washington, D.C.$290.40
3. Arizona$110.53
4. New York$109.45
5. Oregon$102.13
6. California$93.49
7. Montana$87.23
8. Michigan$84.22
9. Wisconsin$78.53
10. South Carolina$52.81

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