Secret Service Questions Students

Two Oakland High School students were questioned by Secret
Service agents after making threats against the president during a
class, reports Oakland Tribune reporter Alex Katz. The
boys?identified only as John and Billy?claimed to be joking when
they talked about hiring a sniper to ?take care of Bush,? Katz
writes. Uncertain of how to handle the situation, teacher Sandy
Whitney called the San Francisco office of Secret Service to
determine her responsibility in reporting the threat. ?I wasn?t
saying ?Come and get these buzzards,? nothing like that,? the
English teacher said. ?If you say, ?Let?s kill the president,? you
have to be prepared for the consequences.? Some of Whitney?s
colleagues felt she could have instead utilized the opportunity ?to
discuss the consequences of threats.? The Northern California ACLU
has called into question the school principal?s decision not to
notify the boys? parents prior to the interrogation.
?Erin Ferdinand

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Secret Service grills students

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