Self-Publishing Stigma is Perishing

Self-Publishing Stigma is Perishing, M.J. Rose, Wired
Traditionally, self-published authors have a hard time landing a deal with publishing companies, enduring the literary catch-22 in which one cannot get published until one is published. But just within the last eighteen months, M.J. Rose writes in Wired, “more than three dozen self-published novels have been picked up by major houses,” all thanks to the internet. Authors who have trouble snagging a deal with a publishing company go to the internet to publish themselves, Rose writes, creating a fan base and sales on their own–and for free. “If an author, on her own, meets with reasonable success, a larger company has reason to believe it can build on that success and find a more significant audience,” Rose explains, adding that online book clubs are also flourishing, as not only individuals but entire corporations are logging on to companies like “Chapter-A-Day.”
–Abbie Jarman
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