Sending Off Hunter S. Thompson

‘Have an objective to give your bender a theme. For instance,
stalking and killing a wild pig with a bowie knife.’

Words to live by, courtesy of Hunter S. Thompson. At once a
journalism visionary and destroyer, Thompson broke the mold of
‘truth’ in reporting, rejecting objectivity in favor of radically
personal, opinionated, and drug-infused narratives that aspired to
accuracy through honesty. He killed himself Sunday with a shot to
the head.

Here’s a selection of obituaries, reflections, and

Depraved and Decadent: Adventures with Thompson

By Ralph Steadman, The Guardian

Proverbial ‘Live Boy’

By William Rivers Pitt, truthout

Gonzo in Life as in His Work

By Tom Wolfe, The Wall Street Journal

Writer Hunter S. Thompson commits suicide: Father of ‘gonzo
journalism’ had served in Air Force

By Bruce Rolfsen, Air Force Times

The Duke of Hazard

By Cintra Wilson,

Guns, gonzo and whiskey

By Nancy Lofholm and Troy Hooper, Denver Post

Thompson Style: A Sense of Self, and Outrage

By David Carr, The New York Times (registration

Head Shot: Hunter S. Thompson left this world the way he lived —
with a bang

By Bruce Van Wyngarden, The Memphis Flyer

S. Thompson Dies

By James Sullivan, Rolling Stone

To write like Hunter S.

By Ed Quillen, Denver Post

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