Serenity Chic

Baby Gap velvet jacket Reincarnation cachet A cherubic buddha in a velvet jacket and cap sells “Instant Karma.” Buying $44 jackets for your kid doesn’t guarantee that you won’t come back as a rodent.
K-9 Academy Buddhist naïveté A young child flanked by a German shepherd and a Doberman

sitting in front of a comfortable home: “With due respect to the Dali Lama, yes, you

can buy peace of mind.”

… but you can’t keep it on a leash.
Nekoosa Paper Peace of mind A woman sitting in a meditation pose provides the backdrop to this line:

“Provide Peace of Mind with superior smoothness, outstanding opacity.”

Paper cuts.
Smirnoff Vodka Faux authenticity “This vodka comes in a bottle designed by albino monks from Tibet,”says the man.

“How’s it taste?” asks the woman. “Taste?” the man quips.

If it’s not Absolut, it’s all relative.
SoBe Zen Blend Tea Quenching your thirst for enlightenment The “Age of Enlightenment” has begun, says, SoBe, so get on board with a drink

that moves you “toward a state of relaxation and meditation.”

Schedule your zazen with a bathroom break.

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