Shock Mom and Dad: Become a Neo-Nazi

Neo-Nazism is on the rise among German youth. In its most recent
annual report, the Federal Office for the Protection of the
Constitution noted a more than 25 percent increase in right-wing
extremist groups. Affiliated teens want foreigners out of their
country and are embracing a patriotism that makes their parents

Some view this as the latest and greatest act of rebellion teens
can make to shock their parents. But many of these kids explain
that they feel threatened by immigrants and are frequently
intimidated and attacked by them. Close to 1.6 million Russian-born
Germans immigrated to Germany from the former Soviet Union between
1993 and 2004. Many of them preferred to invent their own set of
laws and speak their own language rather than adhere to German laws
and standards,
Der Spiegel reports. The problem has been easily
exploited by nationalist groups, and an ‘us-against-them’ mentality
that extends to Turkish and Albanian immigrants is spreading.

Hitler references, xenophobic heavy metal concerts, symbolic
clothing, flamboyant patriotism, and occasional violent acts are
the preferred tools of resistance against feared and disliked
foreigners. The teenagers who have banded together are not the
shadowy, trench-coat donning, broken-home living, mal-adjusted,
pubescent types that may come to mind. Many come from safe homes,
have left-leaning parents, and are viewed by their peers as having
hip style and politics. (Thanks,
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Marca Bradt

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Shock Mom and Dad: Become a Neo-Nazi

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