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Fish Heads & Faith
By Haifa, Ipul, Archana, and Caleb, New Internationalist
In its April issue, New Internationalist cuts out the middle-man and has street children tell their stories with their own words, and through their own eyes. A moving four-picture photo essay captures the kids’-eye view of life on the streets of Paris, France; Jakarta, Indonesia; New Dehli, India; and Nairobi, Kenya. The photos were gleaned from 15,000 snapshots taken by children through the Home/Life project , which equipped kids in 11 countries with simple cameras to document their lives. — Hannah Lobel

Now Evolving in Biology Classes: a Testier Climate
By G. Jeffrey MacDonald, Christian Science Monitor
Forget trying to legislate teaching evolution and/or its alternatives; Darwin’s critics have done their homework — and they’re coming to class. Armed with books, DVDs, and strategic questions, today’s students are enacting fresh resistance to evolutionary theory. It’s a trend science teachers have seen turn classrooms anywhere from uncomfortable to challenging. — Julie Hanus

Beer Drinking Curbed by Prodigious Weed
By Kelly Young, News Service
The cure for binge drinking could be growing along the highways of the South. A new study shows that people drink less beer, more slowly, when given extract from kudzu — a vine-turned-invasive-weed originally introduced in the United States to stave soil erosion. — Hannah Lobel

Traveling Light: The Environmental Impact of Vacation Travel
By Paul Geary, Environmental News Network
Memorial Day — the opening salvo of summer travel season — is almost upon us. If vacation daydreaming is bringing visions of trains, planes, automobiles, and cruise ships to your head, Paul Geary’s rundown on sustainable travel has some tips that can help you green your vacation transportation. — Barb Jacobs

Maui Woman is Evicted from Furnished Lava Tube
By Staff, The Associated Press, via Honolulu Star-Bulletin
A Hawaiian woman proves that living in a volcano isn’t just for James Bond villains. Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources recently evicted the 50-year-old Maui resident from the subterranean, lava-formed dwelling that she furnished and has lived in for the last three years. (Thanks Boingboing!) — Barb Jacobs

New Survey Finds Huge Gap Between Press and Public on Many Issues
By Joe Strupp, Editor & Publisher
Fully 43% of the public says the press has too much freedom. Meanwhile, only 14% can name that freedom as a Constitutional guarantee. So says a forthcoming University of Connecticut Department of Public Policy survey scheduled for release next week. — Michael Fraase

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