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Watch Where You Point That Camera
By Susan Llewelyn Leach, The Christian Science Monitor
When a small-town photojournalist in Victoria, Texas is accused of looking suspicious for shooting pictures of potholes, you’ve got to wonder what’s going on. Using anecdotal evidence, Leach argues that photographers are facing tighter restrictions on where and what they shoot due to the USA Patriot Act. — Barb Jacobs

Ten Second Film Fest
By Chris Pennington,
Fear no more! The Ten Second Film Fest is interested in finding a home for all your virtual pieces of cell phone celluloid. Submissions are open to anyone and the rules are simple; films can only be ten seconds long, shot from a non-video camera gadget, and cannot be edited. — Barb Jacobs

All for Peace: A Palestinian-Israeli Radio Station
By Sima Borkovski,
As of this month, an unlikely radio station, ‘All for Peace,’ has an FM signal that broadcasts throughout Israel and Palestine. By way of Arabic and Hebrew talk radio, jockeys at 107.2 FM in Jerusalem are attempting to forge an understanding between Israelis and Palestinians to bring peace to this broken land. Their popularity is booming — in a good way. How are they keeping the peace on this potentially volatile terrain? By discussing everything but politics. — Marca Bradt

Victoria’s (Dirty) Secret
By Leif Utne,
How many old growth trees died to bring that lingerie catalogue to your doorstep? According to the Canadian environmental group ForestEthics, every teenage boy’s favorite piece of junk mail is printed on mostly virgin paper, 25 percent of it from Canada’s ancient boreal forests. At 395 million copies mailed each year that adds up. After activists called on Victoria’s Secret to increase its use of recycled paper at a May 16 shareholder meeting, executives at parent company The Limited Brands agreed to talk. ‘Victoria’s Secret has indicated that it wants to do the right thing for the environment,’ said ForestEthics executive director Todd Paglia. ‘[We] will continue to escalate until this intention is turned into action.’ — Leif Utne

Who You Callin’ a Quack?
By Chris Maag, Scene
It’s called alternative medicine for a reason, isn’t it? Not according to the Ohio State Chiropractic Board, which is staging a dramatic, nation-leading crackdown on natural heath providers. From raiding offices swat-team style to bringing felony charges against ‘unlicensed’ providers, board members say they’re merely protecting the public. The alt-health community is crying turf war. — Julie Hanus

Urban Cowboys
By Matthew Shaer, The Boston Phoenix
This June, 200 cyclists are expected to race in Boston’s elite R7, but don’t bother looking for an entry form. The latest event in a burgeoning city-bike-racing culture, R7 is a pseudonym for an underground event. The fully-supported, Tour-de-France inspired race begins in Boston and ends in New York, making its merry way along many highways and streets illegal to cyclists. — Julie Hanus

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