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Guerillas in the List
By Erica Gies, Grist Magazine
Craigslist Foundation, the force behind the online network with San Francisco Bay area roots, is greening its web community efforts. Recognizing the potential people-power of the growing collective, Craigslist is developing the Environmental Non-Profit Network to serve as a lounge for social, political and technical exchange. All are welcome to join this web dialogue and call to action. Whether you live near the Golden Gate Bridge or by a pair of golden arches, the focus is broad and inclusive — to promote and create a sustainable future while strengthening community ties. — Marca Bradt

How to Talk to an Artist
By Gail Gregg, ARTnews ONLINE
Artists often sense the world around them more acutely than others, which is why they can be more sensitive when it comes to discussing their personal visions. There are questions that artists love or loathe, and comments they welcome or wince at. The next time you encounter such a professional — as they prefer to be thought of — know what to say and ask and how to say and ask it because, according to them, there’s a not-so-subtle difference between remarking ‘iiiinteresting’ and ‘interesting!’ — Marca Bradt

It’s a Heckuva Time to Be Dropping Business Ethics Courses
By Marjorie Kelly, Business Ethics
The Enron and WorldCom scandals generated much public hand-wringing on Wall Street. But the suits may not have learned their lesson. Literally. Business Ethics reports that, despite the moral shortcomings on display in the biz world of late, several business schools have dropped or trimmed their ethics courses. — Hannah Lobel

The Book Club
By Staff, The American Prospect
Ahh summer. Time for the reading lists. The American Prospect throws its own into the mix, giving a quick rundown of the progressive in-crowd’s faves published during the 15 years of the magazine’s existence. Check out reading tips from the likes of Eli Pariser, Walter Mondale, and Katrina vanden Heuvel. — Hannah Lobel

Silence Is Beholden
By Liza Grandia, et al, Grist Magazine
The four major international biodiversity conservation groups — and wielders of much cash — have been conspicuously silent in the broader environmental movement’s fight against the Central American Free Trade Agreement. Grist Magazine suggests that it could have something to do with a shift to ‘market-based approaches to conservation’ and major corporations’ growing presence on the organizations’ boards. — Hannah Lobel

The Killed Fields
By Noy Thrupkaew, The American Prospect
As a child soldier in Cambodia, Aki Ra learned all about land mines. He laid and defused them for the Khmer Rouge, the Vietnamese, and Cambodia’s nascent post-Pol Pot government. Now, he runs the Cambodian Landmine Museum, Prevention, and Rehabilitation Center from his home, teaching tourists and his compatriots about the devastating explosives. But his battles aren’t over. This time, his fight is against local authorities to keep his museum open. — Hannah Lobel

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