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Cizik Matters
By Amanda Griscom Little, Grist
Evangelical leader Richard Cizik believes that climate change is a crisis of ‘biblical proportions.’ So, in recent months, he’s been touring the country spreading the good news of ‘creation care,’ a faith-based doctrine of conservation geared toward bringing millions of Americans into the green fold. To unbelievers he warns, ‘God will destroy those who destroy the earth’ (Revelation 11:18). — Archie Ingersoll

Dutch Answer to Flooding: Build Houses that Swim
Translated from the German by Gareth Davies, Spiegel Online
The Netherlands’ first amphibious houses sit floating and bobbing on the Maas dyke. Moored by steel posts driven into solid ground, 37 new homes with watertight cellars can move up and down as water levels fluctuate. The company that built these ship-shape domiciles touts them as a housing solution for delta regions prone to flooding. — Archie Ingersoll

Over the Chill: On Preparing for Winter
By Umbra Fisk, Grist
Winter is not the easiest time to begin an energy diet, but the coldest time of the year happens to be just around the corner. Umbra Fisk, Grist‘s maven of environmental advice, provides those of us who would like to save on our winter energy bills and lessen our greenhouse gas emissions during the cold season with some valuable advice on armoring our windows against the weather without emptying out our pocketbooks. — Rose Miller

Paisanos al Rescate
By Giselle Velazquez, Pop and Politics
When Armando Alarcon was learning to fly in the New Mexico Desert, he came up with a brilliant idea. He was disturbed by the fact that an increasing number of illegal immigrants were dying of dehydration in the desert as they crossed the Mexican border into the United States, and with a plane and a supply of water, he was sure that he could help. Though he did not yet have an airplane or his pilot’s license, he mobilized a group of concerned individuals and founded Paisanos al Rescate (Countrymen to the Rescue), a humanitarian effort that provides water and aid to dehydrated illegals. — Rose Miller

Music to the Military’s Ears
By Danielle Scruggs, TomPaine
The recruit-hungry National Guard has a new gimic. Young people who visit their website and sign up to be contacted by a military recruiter can get three free iTunes songs. ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ perhaps. — Archie Ingersoll

No In-Vitro. This is Indiana!
By Laura Donnelly, TomPaine
A single woman wanting to concieve a baby with the help of modern medicine may have to do so somewhere other than Indiana. Hoosier state senator Patricia Miller, R-Indianapolis, has proposed a new bill that would ban unmarried women from having assisted reproductive procedures like in-vitro fertilization or egg donation. — Archie Ingersoll

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