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By Staff, Ecoenvelopes
Ecoenvelopes, a Minnesota-based company, is doing its part to reduce waste. It’s invented envelopes that can be used twice, with two strips of adhesive on the flap, one of which is removable. The small outfit is launching a national test-run of its product with the US Postal Service in hopes that the trend will catch on and reduce our piles of waste, one envelope at a time. — Nick Rose

On the Menu Today: Horse Penis and Testicles with a Chili Dip
By Richard Spencer, The Telegraph
You are what you eat. At least that’s the concept behind Guo-li-zhuang, a Beijing restaurant serving animal genitalia to hopeful male patrons. From diced oxen penises boiled in chicken stock to fried goat organs skewered and dipped in soy sauce, the menu plays on the idea of using animals’ reproductive organs as natural Viagra substitutes. But don’t order seconds just yet: Remember, a meat-heavy diet can clog arteries, cutting off blood flow to the extremities. — Kristen Mueller

India: Breathe In, and Hands Off Our Yoga
By Anupreeta Das, The Christian Science Monitor
The government of India is using new technology to protect ancient knowledge. After a series of costly legal battles, India is now compiling a digital encyclopedia of yoga, herbal remedies, and other traditional knowledge to protect its intellectual property rights. In the words of one bureaucrat, ‘We do not want anyone selling our own knowledge to us.’ — Bennett Gordon

Windmills to Power Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island
By Staff,
In a continued effort by the American government to remake its image, the Statue of Liberty will now be fueled by wind power. The US may consume more oil than any other country in the world, but the Statue of Liberty is set to be weaned of fossil fuels. (Thanks, TreeHugger.) — Bennett Gordon

State-of-the-Art Shoes Aid Migrants
By Amy Isackson, The World via BBC News
An Argentine artist has developed shoes specifically designed for illegal immigrants. The ‘Brinco’ — Spanish for ‘ jump’ — contains a flashlight, a compass, and a map with some of the most popular routes for illegal immigrants to get from Tijuana into San Diego. The shoes retail for $215.00, but artist Judi Werthein has been passing them out free to some migrants. — Bennett Gordon

As If! Authors Support Intellectual Freedom
By Staff, As If!
From California to Maine, schools are banning books like Harry Potter; Girl, Interrupted; and even Clifford the Big Red Dog. (Apparently, Clifford glorifies communism.) Brent Hartinger, author of his own banned book, Geography Club, started the organization As If! (Authors Support Intellectual Freedom) to fight against censorship in schools. — Bennett Gordon

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