Short Takes: News From All Over: April 22, 2004

Five Things You Can Do to Fight Touch-Screen Vote Fraud
Critics of touch-screen voting machines have mounted a vigorous campaign to prevent electronic vote fraud this November, when at least 28% of American voters will cast their ballots with the controversial contraptions. This recent post from an email listserve on the subject outlines in exhaustive detail some of the ways you can help stop the e-vote makers from rigging the election, as well as a wealth of resources for learning more about the issue. — Leif Utne

Online Poker Chips Away at Sexual Stereotypes
Beer-guzzling men sitting around a table in a smoke-filled basement may be the image that comes to mind when you think of poker. But Victor Chandler Poker (, the fastest-growing poker website in the UK, proves that it’s no longer just a men’s game. In fact, one in six new players joining today is female, up from virtually zero two years ago. — Jacob Wheeler

How Jim Lehrer Changed History
By Norman Solomon,
Don’t trust everything you see or here on television — not even if it comes out of Jim Lehrer’s mouth. Media watchdog Norman Solomon takes the anchor of public television’s main news program to task for falsely stating that the U.S. military shut down the now embattled Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr’s newspaper ‘because it was calling for violence and anti-American.’ In fact, Solomon quotes The New York Times, ‘the paper did not print any calls for attacks.’ — Jacob Wheeler

World Naked Bike Ride
Consider yourself a radical protestor who will do almost anything to show your disdain for our dependency on oil? Want to make a statement about how we should reacquaint ourselves with our own bodies? Then join the World Naked Bike Ride on Saturday, June 12. Anyone can participate. All you need is a pair of wheels and, well, that’s it. ‘Go as bare as you dare!’ — Jacob Wheeler

The Women Have It
By Jessica Clark, In These Times
Single women under the age of 65 may wield the power this November to remove George W. Bush from office. Groups like Women’s Voices Women Vote are courting single women to vote on Election Day, using juicy morsels like more female politicians, equal pay initiatives, better retirement plans, expanded health care and public pre-school programs as bait. — Jacob Wheeler

The March for Women’s Lives
To set the stage for the April 25 women’s rights march in Washington D.C., Planned Parenthood and March For Women’s Lives have created this parody video of conservative cult leaders Pat Robertson, Ralph Reed, Pat Buchanan, Jerry Falwell, and Rush Limbaugh storming into the home of a young, progressive, ummarried, interracial couple to force their twisted ‘family values’ on them. — Jacob Wheeler

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