Short Takes: News From All Over: November 13, 2003

The Meatrix: Revelations
By Erin Ferdinand,
Sure, The Matrix sequel may not live up to the original, but the parody kicks ass! Enter The Meatrix to escape the family farm facade. Your perceptions will be forever altered as Moopheus the cow reveals the frightening truth behind factory farming.

U.S. Kids Show Early Signs of Heart Disease
By Staff, New Scientist
A recent study warns that children in Western populations are trending toward early heart disease and type 2 diabetes. ‘About one in seven U.S. schoolchildren has three or more risk factors of ‘metabolic syndrome’ — a precursor to heart disease and diabetes, the study says.

Truthapalooza 2003
By Erin Ferdinand,
Music legends and storytellers unite to tell our government that we’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore! This November the Tell Us the Truth Tour is rousing activists and working families in 13 cities to demand information, not propaganda, from the media, to have a voice in regulating Corporate America and to renew our democracy.

‘We Are Plenty Good Enough’
By Bill McKibben, Sierra
McKibben suggests in his new book, Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age, that we are on the cusp of changing — perhaps irrevocably — what it means to be human. Our genetic future is falling into corporate hands, he says, where soon we may be kneaded into a product, not a child.

McDonald’s Miffed Over Dictionary Definition of ‘McJob’
By Rupert Cornwell, The Independent
Among the 10,000 additions to the latest version of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary is ‘McJobs,’ — defined as ‘low-paying and dead-end work.’ McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast-food chain, is not McHappy with the addition, and may just have to McSue.

Noble Lies and Perpetual War: Leo Strauss, the Neo-Cons, and Iraq
By Danny Postel, openDemocracy
Can a political lie be noble? Neo-conservative political theorist Leo Strauss believes it can. Shadia Drury, interviewed by Danny Postel, reveals the degree to which Strauss has influenced the Bush administrationd’s framing of the war in Iraq.

RELATED: Metaphor and War, Again
By George Lakoff, AlterNet
George Lakoff delineates the rhetorical metaphors and framing mechanisms used to portray the war in Iraq.
Erica Wetter

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