Short Takes: News From All Over: November 27, 2003

Treason Barbie
By Erica Wetter,
Get your voodoo pins out and prepare to do some damage to Talking Presidents’ new Ann Coulter action figure. Now for only $29.95 you too can own the Barbie-like doll and listen to her say compassionate, witty things like, ‘Why not go to war just for oil,’ over and over again.

Queen ‘Furious’ Over Damaged Plants
By Matt Bivens,
Once again our blundering president has committed a foreign faux pas. While in England last week, Bush and his Black Hawks tore up the Royal Gardens at Buckingham Palace, terrorizing the Queen’s flock of flamingoes and causing damage to dozens of rare and historic plants. Needless to say, the Queen is ‘furious.’

Energy Showdown
By Ralph Nader,
The corporate buy-out of the government is going stronger than ever. According to Ralph Nader, the newest energy bill ‘is 1700 pages of giveaways and contempt for the American people — their health, safety and pocketbooks.’ Luckily the bill hasn’t passed, but that’s little reason to excuse the dirty scheming of corporate America.

Not Just A Constitutional Right: It’s The Law
By Staff, Associated Press
Most households in the town of Geuda Springs, Kansas are required to have guns and ammunition, thanks to an ordinance passed by the City Council. Councilman John Brewer believes this is using the Second Amendment to the city’s advantage, as the town of 210 doesn’t have a police force.

Their Blood is on Bush’s Hands
By Eric Blumrich,
Here’s a brilliant piece of Flash animation that drives home the reality of the war in Iraq: Soldiers from around the world are dying at a rate of 2 per day. Iraqis are dying at almost12 times that rate. Meanwhile Bush’s corporate allies are raking in billions.

The International Center For Bathroom Etiquette
By Staff,
Need a referee to resolve the eternal over-under toilet paper hanging debate? Ever wonder how to handle the chatty co-worker who habitually initiates conversations whenever you’re trying to take a private tinkle? Emily Post is an amateur compared to these international ambassadors of lavatorial good will.

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