Some Proverbs by Sparrow

At night milk is black.

Volcanoes are safe most days.

Anything can be gift-wrapped.

The cheapest anchor floats.

A bomb can’t destroy dust.

Mice give milk, too.

Romeo wasn’t built in a day.

Let sleeping bags lie.

Spaghetti lives twice.

A parasite never changes its mind.

When whales laugh, plankton cries.

One noodle, long enough, is a meal.

A carburetor is only clean once.

Earthquakes open schools.

Nudists are born, not made.

Cancer does its own research.

Breathing makes one beautiful.

Toilets never meet.

Life slowly removes one’s appetite.

Two heads are bigger than one.

The Queen was once a teenager.

Don’t applaud a house of cards.

Selected from America: A Prophecy: A Sparrow Reader,
edited by Marcus Boon and published last year by the eclectic
independent publisher Soft Skull Press;

In-depth coverage of eye-opening issues that affect your life.