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Stencil Archive, Web site review by Chuck Terhark
While Webmaster Russell H. was visiting Germany seven years ago, he came across a building with some interesting graffiti. Someone had taken stencil letters and painted a Bertolt Brecht quote that, in all, measured three stories tall. Fascinated, Russell shot a picture of the stencil, marking the beginning of a hobby that now has a vehicle in The Web site features hundreds of stencil photos from all over the world, though most come from San Francisco, Russell’s home and hub to an exploding street art trend that can be found in every major city on the planet. While Russell’s site is an informative look at an emerging subculture, it is by no means comprehensive, as his own links can attest. Browsing through his numerous photos is fun, and often the stencils are impressive, but they give only a small taste of the kinds of incredible stencils that are out there. Perhaps more useful than the photo galleries is the tips and faq section, which offers insights into which materials to use, what kind of paint to buy, and how to make a clean and easy getaway after sticking your own stencil on some unsuspecting wall near you.
–Chuck Terhark
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