Strong Bad Steals the Show, I Mean Game, I Mean . . .

All of the characters on this Web site are borrowed from an ’80s Nintendo game called “Tag Team Wrestling.” Strong Bad is a Mexican Wrestler who talks in a cigarettes-and -andpaper Spanish accent. He sits at the helm of his Compy 386 computer answering fans’ mundane questions in elaborate animated skits. In the “Web site” skit, Strong Bad tells an aspiring blogger that whatever Web site idea he has is completely irrelevant; the Internet, he says, is a place where absolutely nothing happens, so you’re going to want to take advantage of that. Judging from all the chat rooms on the Net devoted to character, there is somewhat of a cult following for the masked wrestler and his antics. Log on and be entertained by all the dumb humor you can stand.

–Nick Garafola

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