Students Against Testing

Against Testing,
Web site review by Sara V. Buckwitz,
A group of East Coast students are fighting for inventive education
and against standardized testing. They’ve created an online
activist’s toolkit for other like-minded students. Students
Against Testing
suggests students forced to take
standardized tests instead take a zero and ‘Tie a helium balloon to
[the test] and set it free.’ Or, ‘Lose it. (intentionally but
cleverly.)’ On October 9, the group will protest the 2001 National
Education Summit in Palisades, NY, because the invitation-only
event includes no principals, teachers, or students. With ‘banners,
signs, noisemakers, food, books, puppets, chess boards, and
anything else to celebrate real learning,’ they aim to prove, that
‘Standardized testing has, time and again, proven to be an
ineffective, mind-numbing, and racist way of ‘educating’ today’s
–Sara V. Buckwitz

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