Surfer Dude, My Little Surfer Dude

Surfer Dude, My Little Surfer Dude: What To
Wear To Your Insemination And Other Questions Of Conception,

Judith Marr, Brain, Child
When author Judith Marr was a child, she says her family joked that
her theoretical husband’s name would be Tungsten — after the metal
used in light bulb filaments. Decades later, the 41-year-old Marr,
disillusioned by the idea of Tungsten, turns to a sperm bank. While
technological advances have made it easier for Marr to become a
mother, she discovers that the process of picking a donor is
difficult. By paying $5 to read questionnaires from donors and $25
to listen to audio tapes of the men being interviewed, she narrows
the field. By paying more, Marr is allowed to ask questions of a
worker at the sperm bank studying a photo of the donor. In a ‘weird
exercise’ that ‘brings back memories of junior high school,’ the
worker rates the donor on a scale of one to ten. Marr’s pick is an
eight, according to the employee, with a forehead ‘just like Brad
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