Survival of the Hippest

Survival of the Hippest,L.A. Weekly
It’s the year 3000, and the earth is iced over and devoid of sufficient air and light. Or else it’s an unbearable sauna reaching dangerous skin-sizzling temperatures. While some are racing to stop the process of global warming, the L.A. Weekly took a moment to prepare for what climate change our future may hold by asking two Los Angeles fashion designers to answer some tough questions: What will we wear in such uncertain weather? And how will we remain hip in the process? The outfits in the series designed by Monah Li and Jason Gold (each crafted one for extreme cold, one for extreme heat) use recycled materials such as tupperware, newspaper, furniture, and truck tires. The highlight of the designs, however, is Gold’s ensemble for “the big chill,” an acid-cured donkey flesh raincoat made from living tissue that generates its own heat and must be fed weekly through sugar-solution injections.
–Erica Sagrans
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