Talking Stick

| January/February 2000

IT DEPENDS ON the person, but I think you'd be better off falling in love [than taking a writing class], you'd be better off getting rejected by someone, sidling up to a woman and saying, 'How 'bout it, baby?' and she saying, 'Fuck off.' These are valuable experiences!
--Frank McCourt, author, Poets and Writers (Sept./Oct. 1999)

"I SEE MYSELF as a pirate, plundering and smuggling back to women that which has been stolen from us. But it hasn't simply been stolen; it's been stolen and reversed. For example, the Christian trinity is the triple goddess reversed. The trinity is aptly described as a closed triangle. It doesn't go anywhere."
-- Mary Daly, feminist theorist, What Is Enlightenment? (Fall/Winter 1999)

"THE WAYS IN WHICH people are damaged are the ways in which they're strong. It's what makes people interesting--what they've overcome and how, and what they haven't and how that's become a good thing. Almost everyone's life is both a gorgeous story and a tragedy. I think being alive is really, really hard, and I'm constantly stunned and amazed by people who make it interesting and beautiful."
--Sarah Polley, actor, Interview (Sept. 1999)

"POVERTY IS NOT the problem. Wealth is the problem. Poverty is the solution."
--Satish Kumar, author, publisher, activist, Resurgence (Sept./Oct. 1999)