Ten ?Inner Tips? for Coping with the Stress of War and Terrorism

It has been difficult to apply any sort of order to recent world
affairs and the so-called ?war on terror.? Many people who have had
their political ideology compromised time and time again end up
feeling powerless, angry, or depressed. A new top-ten list based on
the writings of Joel and Michelle Levey is a demulcent for soothing
the feelings of hopelessness concerning war and terrorism. The list
focuses on physical and cerebral exercises we can do to cope with
feeling overwhelmed with anxiety or aggression. An important point
is to not get caught up in too much doomsday thinking. Point six
reminds us that there is always a range of possible outcomes and
that we sometimes focus on the worst. And while it?s important to
acknowledge that something bad could happen, it?s best to simply
acknowledge negative possibilities and let them go. Our minds
better serve humanity when we envision positive outcomes, like the
possibility of world peace. Point 10 invites you to use your mental
powers to radiate love into the world.
?Nick Garafola

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