The Anatomically Correct Oscar

The Anatomically Correct Oscar, from FilmThreat
Last Friday, The Guerrilla Girls, an activist, anti-discrimination group, and filmmaker Alice Locus unveiled a billboard in Los Angeles attacking the Oscars for being a “White Man’s Club.” The billboard, located at Highland and Melrose in Hollywood, features an overweight, bald, pasty-white male standing on a gold pedestal. The FilmThreat article reporting on the unveiling asks, “Would anyone argue that Oscar is a white guy?” Using statistics from previous years, the Guerrilla Girls indict the Academy Awards and Hollywood for their misrepresentation of women in the Oscars and in filmmaking. On their Web site, the Guerrilla Girls proclaim: “Hollywood likes to think of itself as cool, edgy, and ahead of its time, but it actually lags way behind the rest of society in employing women and people of color in top positions. Ninety-three percent of major films are directed by males. No woman has ever won an Oscar for Cinematography or Sound. Even 85 percent of the make-up awards have gone to men.”
–Sara V. Buckwitz
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