The Beast 50

This top 50 list puts the celebs and political figures of ’02 under the magnifying glass and burns them bad. While it’s surprising to see this year’s supposed heroes like Michael Moore and Eminem make the roster, they seem to be right on in their scathing profiles of Bill O’Reilly (#29) and Jay Leno (#47). The curmudgeons at The Beast criticize Leno for not being politically offensive enough with his jokes to keep Dick Cheney off of the Tonight Show. Ari Fleisher comes in at number 16 and is described as “C3PO melded with Carson Daly operating off a modified Charles Grodin chip.” Most of the profiles are overly tenacious foul-mouthed attacks of mostly harmless folks caught in the limelight, but with all the turn-of-the-year lists floating around, it seems you’ve really got to cuss up a storm and kill some of America’s darlings to get yours noticed.

–Nick Garafola

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