The Blue Wall of Terror

The Blue Wall of Terror, by Jess Wisloski, The Village Voice
Speaking out against police misconduct, especially in New York City, has not exactly been the most popular stance to take after 9/11. Yet amidst the recent surge of gratitude for police officers and firefighters, the Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation is here to remind us that police brutality has actually increased during the past year and needs to be stopped. Beginning in 1996, the coalition chose October 22nd to hold a demonstration against police brutality in New York City, and since then the event has become an annual event, with demonstrations held in cities across the country, uniting both local anti-police brutality groups and families of victims. Though the October 22 demonstrations in New York have been smaller since September 11, their cries to end racial profiling, police brutality, and now restricted civil liberties are as loud as ever.
–Erica Sagrans
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