The Exquisite Mayhem Of Benedikt Taschen

The Exquisite Mayhem Of Benedikt Taschen, Brendan Bernhard, L.A. Weekly
Not all publishers are struggling to find a profit. Germany’s Benedikt Taschen makes big bucks selling cutting-edge coffee table books. “Taschen is a postmodern tycoon for the 21st century, a brash and stylish entrepreneur who has turned the world of illustrated-book publishing upside down,” writes L.A. Weekly journalist Brendan Bernhard. Taschen and his wife, Angelika, produce “coffee table books that range in subject matter from the complete etchings of 18th-century Italian engraver Giovanni Battista Piranesi to the pornographic digital diaries of 21st-century Internet exhibitionist Natacha Merritt,” Bernhard writes. His “impeccable, scholarly tomes” of Western Art, contemporary design and underground sexuality make him notorious.
–Sara V. Buckwitz
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