The New Sex Scribes

From racy sexual techniques to frank discussions of communication, female columnists at college newspapers are raising both controversy and awareness. Some attribute the recent rash of sex columns in campus papers to the popularity of HBO’s Sex in the City, a series about a sex columnist in New York City. But as Eric Hoover reports in the Chronicle of Higher Education, there’s much more to this trend than a TV fantasy.

Though the sex columns can vary in terms of format — be it graphic stories or in-depth interviews — most use irreverent humor and aim to dispel misconceptions about sex.

But why are they all women? Yale Daily News sexpert Natalie Krinsky tells Hoover, “If a guy wrote what I wrote, he’d be called a chauvinist pig.” However, she adds, “your average 21-year-old male doesn’t analyze sex in the way that the average female does. Women dissect sex, relationships, dating, every single thing a guy might do. My writing reflects that and makes fun of that at the same time.”
–Sara V. Buckwitz
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