The World Rock Paper Scissors Society

The World Rock Paper Scissors Society, Web site review by Kate Garsombke
The World Rock Paper Scissors Society offers game-winning strategies, tips on technique, and even an online trainer for this dispute-resolution game. Lifetime membership in the organization is only $7, and members receive a card with name and official title. According to World RPS Society rules, card-carrying members are entitled to dictate the number of rounds played at the beginning of any match with a non-member, too. And after studying the strategic gambits on the site, like the Scissors Sandwich (that’s a paper, then a scissors, followed by another paper) and the Avalanche (an aggressive three rocks in a row), enthusiasts can practice a few rounds with the online RPS trainer. An animated fist pumps and throws its play based on the “most devious strategies and tactics ever seen” as used by “several retired Grand Masters.”
–Kate Garsombke
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