The Annotated Dennis Miller

The Annotated Dennis Miller, Locke
While football fans kick back with pretzels and chips for the game
on Monday night, intellectual pundits will tune in to play a game
of their own: identify new ‘color man’ Dennis Miller’s oblique
cultural references. Miller, though confusing to even his fellow
commentators, has taken his past as a political comedian to move
‘sports talk’ to a new level. Locke Peterseim of currently hosts ‘The Annotated Dennis
Miller,’ a weekly digest of humorous explanations of Miller’s
left-field remarks. Peterseim gingerly frames a Miller quotation
and then digs deep into the files to uncover what
Miller must have meant. An example: When Jets quarterback Vinny
Testaverde throws a fourth-quarter touchdown to tie the game after
three lackluster quarters, Miller references the Two Faces of Eve.
In his explanation, Peterseim elaborates on the film, noting that
it was based on the Corbett Thigpen and Hervey M. Cleckley book
documenting a case of schizophrenia. He finishes with his own odd
interpretation of what Miller might have meant: ‘No matter how many
personalities you may end up with, we don’t recommend naming any of
them ‘Hervey,’ ‘Thigpen,’ or even ‘Cleckey.’ –Amanda
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