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Dear Saddam: How can I help?
Brian McWilliams, Wired News
People from all over the world — including the United States — e-mail Saddam Hussein with advice on how Iraq can defeat America in a war, offer moral support and even broker business deals.

Bush’s Armageddon Obsession
Michael Ortiz Hill, AlterNet
Bush’s Iraq policy is based on a Biblical narrative that leads inexorably towards the battle of Armageddon.

The Boondocks
If you’re looking for good political commentary in graphical format, check out Aaron McGruder’s strips.

American Invasion
Tom Tomorrow checks in with a new comic. After Iraq, where next? FOX’s new reality show lets YOU decide.

Silence Is Betrayal
by Conn Hallinan, Foreign Policy In Focus
‘A time has come when silence is betrayal,’ Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said about Vietnam, another war that targeted civilians, ‘that time is now.’

Waiting for Mr. Bush
by Maggy Zanger, Cairo Times
The Kurds of northern Iraq fear they will lose their safe haven in the aftermath of a new U.S.-sponsored war — but at the same time, they look forward to change.

Making Our Voices Heard
by Paul Rogat Loeb, Soul of a Citizen
For those of us who think Bush’s pending war against Iraq is reckless madness, it’s tempting to retreat into bitter despair after the Senate vote giving him a blank check to attack. [However,] we might start by recognizing that we’ve made some progress.

The Case Against War
by Stephen Zunes, Soul Of A Citizen
For the best single article on why it’s terrible idea to rush toward war, see the excellent article of my friend Stephen Zunes.

Events/ Protests

Around the Globe, Protesters Demand Peace
Hundreds of thousands turned out at peace rallies and marches around the globe on Saturday?from San Francisco, where organizers estimated the crowd at 80,000, to Washington, D.C., where estimates ranged from 100-200,000 marchers, to much smaller gatherings in Stockholm, Berlin, and even Baghdad.

Oct. 26 Demonstration in US Cities
The October 26 demonstration and march is being organized by volunteers from around the country who are handing out tens of thousands of flyers, putting up thousands of posters and organizing buses, vans and car caravans to come from their area.

International Action Center: STOP THE WAR ON IRAQ BEFORE IT STARTS
Saturday, October 26, 2002, National March on Washington DC with a joint action in San Francisco

(past protests)
Stop the War Coalition
Stop the War Coalition announced a broad-based demonstration in central London on Saturday, September 28

Help stop the war on Iraq before it starts!
Protest on Oct. 5-7

On Sunday, October 6th, there will be a nationwide protest against war on Iraq.
Please come and speak out against this senseless rush to war.


Stop The War With Iraq And Build Peace
Make Donations to the GiveforChange Global Initiative.

Listening for peace
An interesting interfaith initiative inspired through work with Thich Nhat Hanh

Peace Groups Organization List and Donations clearinghouse
A web site that lists peace groups that support the Iraq Peace.

Rep. Barbara Lee has introduced a resolution in Congress.
Contact: Lillian German (202) 225-2661

Tell Bush your opinion on the War in Iraq
202-456-1111 (between 9 and 5 EST).

Tell Congress
Here’s congressional contact info:
To reach your Representative or Senators call the Capitol Hill switchboard at 1-800-839-5276 or 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected to their office.
Find out who your Representative is, click here>>

You can identify your senators here, click here>>

Senate Majority Leader Daschle (D-SD) 202.224.2321
House Minority Leader Gephardt (D-MO) 202.225.2671
Congressional Switchboard 202.224.3121 or 800.839.5276
To find out who represents you, visit

Contact the Media
Here are the email addresses of some of the most influential media outlets in America. Please express your opinions to them; they do listen:

Not in Our Names
A Statement of Conscience Against War and Repression. Check out their petitions and action alerts.

‘No War on Iraq’
Act now to (1) speak out, (2) tell others, and (3) help out.

Archived News/ Commentary

Tamim Ansary, AlterNet
Reducing functioning societies to anarchy by destroying their infrastructure and killing great numbers of their citizens is likely to increase whatever legacy of grudge and grievance is already in place.

Gar Smith, The-Edge
Despite nearly four years of punishing air attacks by U.S. and British bombers, Saddam Hussein has neither threatened to use nor used any weapons of mass destruction.

Norman Solomon,
Some Security Council resolutions are more ‘relevant’ than others

Arianna Huffington,
One magic word that might diffuse the public-opinion dumb bomb. Why is no one talking about casualties?

If the people lead
Geov Parrish, WorkingForChange
Geov Parrish points out that when it comes to Iraq, the U.S. people are leading — and the U.S. leaders are ignoring.

Why war? Shut up.
Will Durst, WorkingForChange
Will Durst wonders if he’s the only one that’s noticed: Hawks employ some brilliant third-grade logic to justify their exploits.

Chinese checkers
Bill Berkowitz, WorkingForChange
Bill Berkowitz asks whether Bush’s Iraqi adventure is a prelude to a much bigger campaign: ‘Regime change’ in China?

War on Iraq News Log
from AlterNet
Links to news as it happens.

David Corn, AlterNet
There is at least one thing good about launching a pre-emptive strike — we have the opportunity to total up the staggering financial costs of war before we wage it.

Charles Sheehan-Miles, AlterNet
A combat veteran calling for restraint on Iraq comes under fire from those who mistakenly believe that patriotism equals silence.

Arianna Huffington, AlterNet
In this latest rewrite of history, Osama has suddenly lost his beard and grown a mustache, morphing into the Butcher of Baghdad — or one of the look-alikes Saddam has been using for public appearances since 1998.

‘Dry Drunk’ – Is Bush Making A Cry For Help?’
by Alan Bisbort, American Politics
Based on Bush’s recent behavior, he could very well be a ‘dry drunk.’

The Fifty-first State?
by James Fallows, The AtlanticAre we ready for a long-term relationship with Iraq?

Bush Administration Raises Stakes for Protesters
Demonstrators protesting the potential War in Iraq or IMF policies risk arrest, even if they’re peaceful.

The Peace Movement Lives
Geov Parrish, AlterNet
‘As Congress gears up to vote on invading Iraq, the public must turn up the pressure and intensify the opposition to war.’

Albright Laments Rash ‘Exuberance’ Over Iraq
by James Harding in Washington, Financial Times
‘It is not a sign of sound leadership to understate the risks of war or to offer constantly shifting rationales.’

The latest Bush doctrine: out with the old, in with the old
by Arianna Huffington, Working for Change
Dubya and the Hulkster vs. Saddam and the Iron Sheik?

Mr. Bush, stop the insanity
by Molly Ivins, The Baltimore Sun
‘No. This is not acceptable. This is not the country we want to be. This is not the world we want to make.’

Reasons Why We Shouldn’t
by the staff,
A Compendium: Right, Left And Center

Uncle oSAMa Says: I Want YOU To Invade Iraq ran this full page ad in the NYTimes.

Here’s a page of links debunking Bush’s reason’s for going to war against Iraq.

Ramsey Clark Letter to UN: Do Not Support Attack on Iraq
by Ramsey Clark, The International Action Center
Ramsey Clark asks the UN to keep the US in check.

Interview: Author of War On Iraq – William Rivers Pitt
by Adam F. Smith
Pitt’s Book ‘War on Iraq,’ ‘informs people on critical issues regarding whether or not the US should take up arms again against Saddam Hussein.’

The Immorality of Preventive War
by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., History News Network
Mr. Schlesinger, questions preventive war as a legitimate and moral instrument of U.S. foreign policy.

Like a Tree Standing By the Water
by Granny D, Rolling Thunder Speech
We Shall Not Be Moved:

Hazel Henderson,
‘How far will the Bush II Administration go with its new preemptive strike policy, now officially spelled out in the latest White House document?’

Bush Seeks Unlimited Power to Make War
From the Associated Press
‘One Democratic lawmaker said Bush was writing himself a blank check for war.’

Dismantling Democracy
by Thom Hartmann,
What’s Behind the Magic Trick of War?

Lawmakers Hear Pleas Against War
by Helen Dewar, Washington Post
Of 5,614 phone calls to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) ‘over the past six weeks, only 136 of which indicated support for unilateral military
Action: KEEP CALLING CONGRESS! (202-224-3121)

Global Peace Movement Growing
from the Independent Media Center
A short piece on indications of a growing peace movement.

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