The Author in Full

The Author in Full, Midge Decter,
Commentary Magazine
Author Tom Wolfe, of white-suit and forked-tongue fame, has a new
book of essays out called ‘Hooking Up.’ (The book cover itself
bears no title–only a drawing of a series of interlocked metal
circles.) And, while many of the articles contained within are
entertaining and perceptive to varying degrees, the entire volume
has ‘the air of having been cleared off Wolfe’s desk to make room
for his next large and ambitious work,’ writes Midge Decter in
Commentary Magazine. Decter takes on both the book
and the man himself in this entertaining profile. She realizes that
‘Hooking Up’ is not quite up to snuff, but based on the strength of
the Wolfean canon-especially his recent ‘The Author in Full-Decter
awaits ‘with eagerness’ Wolfe’s next major work. ‘For now,’ she
writes, ‘he has lovingly gotten both feet sunk deeply and
inextricably into the muck.’
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