The Battle of the Dorm Dwellers

The Battle of the Dorm Dwellers,American News Service
Are you leaving for college this fall hoping to escape from parents
who nag about conserving water, or turning off the lights when you
leave the room? Well, imagine moving into a dorm where your every
move is monitored in terms of its impact on the environment. This
fall, a group of students participating in a study at South
Carolina’s Furman College are about to do just that, and the
implications may change the college campus for good. According to
an article from the American News Service, published
on-line by the youth webzine WireTap, this summer ‘school
officials have been retrofitting a 20-year-old, 1,100-square-foot
house with recycled carpets, energy-efficient windows, and
fluorescent lights. In September, eight environmentally conscious
freshmen will take the house over and make conservation their
primary concern. Just a few feet away next door, eight other
students will live in an identical structure, but without either an
environmental retrofit or an eye toward conservation. In short,
they’ll live life much as any group of average college-age dorm
dwellers.’ — LU
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