The Book of Matt

Chapter 5

The empty bowl will be filled. The full bowl will overflow.

Those who live gently will know gentleness.

The generous will be rich.

Let your light shine.

Speak simply.

You cannot turn back the clock.

You cannot cause rain to fall nor sun to shine. Humans cannot
make one hair white or black.

If someone asks you for a favor, do it and more. If someone asks
you to walk a mile, walk two.

Give generously.

Love those who curse you. Love those who use you. Love those who
persecute you.

The sun rises on evil and good alike. Rain falls on the just and
on the unjust.

Chapter 6

Let good acts be done without fanfare.

Let prayer be done in the privacy of your own heart.

Conduct yourself with dignity.

Physical belongings are transient and of little value. They will
become lost, stolen, broken, worn out, neglected.

Store treasure in your heart.

Look with a clear eye upon all.

Do the lilies of the field worry about tomorrow?

Chapter 7

Judge not.

Pay no attention to your neighbor?s little offenses. Examine
your own actions.

Don?t be wasteful.

Keep seeking. Continue to ask questions.

Take the path that?s least trodden.

From a tract issued by Dorchester Dog Hip Press
Since 1997, Dorchester Dog Hip Press has published zines and poetry
chapbooks, as well as pamphlets of public domain writing by the
likes of Voltairine De Cleyre, Peter Kropotkin, and Henry D.

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