The Buying of the President 2004

If elected in 2004, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry would be
the richest president in more than a century. Reverend Al Sharpton
has yet to file a fundraising report for the presidential
exploratory committee?a requirement he must fulfill once he has
raised or spent $5,000 on his campaign. How will these two fiscal
extremes affect the election day bottom line? The Center for Public
Integrity?s ?Buying of the President 2004? web site is designed to
inspire critical thinking about such matters. Will contenders with
five-figure budgets, such as Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich and
Illinois? Carol Mosely Braun, experience political setbacks that
Kerry and Missouri congressman Richard Gephardt?both of whom can
legally access money raised during past presidential campaigns?will
not? The site provides up-to-date articles highlighting each
candidate?s financials and how the money is being spent, so that
you can decide for yourself.

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Buying of the President

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