The Cleanup Crew

The Cleanup Crew, Julia
Reynolds, El Andar
From Laredo to Manhattan, cash smugglers and big banks are part of
the $40 billion business of laundering money for Mexican drug
cartels. In an expose in the June issue of Latino culture magazine
El Andar, Julia Reynolds follows the money trail,
profiling many of the key players in this shady game. In a Senate
hearing in November 1999, Reynolds writes, former Citibank employee
and convicted money-launderer Antonio Giraldi laid bare the banking
industry’s dark underbelly: ‘…no one seriously attempted to
determine the actual origin of a client’s money. Our world was all
about playing the ‘new deposits’ game the way our management
‘coaches’ insisted we play it, about being rewarded by them when we
‘succeeded,’ and about being too naive to realize how dangerous a
game we were playing.’ — LU
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