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The Greenpeace True Food Guide, Web
site review by Kate Garsombke
With more than half of U.S.-grown soybeans and 25 percent of
U.S.-grown corn being genetically modified, finding ‘true food’ —
or nongenetically engineered products — can become a frustrating
quest. Greenpeace’s True Food Guide and True Foods
Shopping List aim to clear up consumer confusion by listing
companies and their products that contain GMOs. While the only GMO
fruits and vegetables on the market are papaya, corn, and soybeans,
many others are being tested by the biotech industry. Still,
genetically modified products have crept into a large number of
processed foods, like veggie burgers, cereals, and chocolate. The
site’s Take Action area contains a letter you can send to a list of
heads of corporations currently testing or using genetically
engineered foods, asking them to reconsider the use of GMOs.
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