The Pauper: Financial Planning for Artists

The Pauper:
Financial Planning for Artists,
Web site review by Sara
Because artists should never have to die penniless, four artists
got together to create The Pauper Web site — a place
‘dedicated to helping the artist and entertainment community get a
better handle on their money and finances.’ The two-month-old site
includes everything from financial overviews to specific
interactive financial plans, from general business news to in-depth
articles on relevant topics like avoiding bankruptcy. Written in
plain English, ‘The Starving Artist Guide’ section of the site
explains why you need to plan your financial future and offers
suggestions on how to go about it. For those who get sick of all
the jargon, ‘The Money Can Can’t’ article provides a useful bit of
relief, exploring the limitations of monetary wealth. Chief
Executive Officer John Brindle says they created the site, because
‘We believe, that to succeed in the 21st century, artists not only
have to be skilled in their chosen profession, but be business
savvy as well.’
–Sara V. Buckwitz

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