The Power of Purpose

Write a simple statement that expresses your purpose, what you live for, your vision, and what matters.

    • Keep the statement short.
    • Make sure it’s phrased in the positive: what you want, not what you don’t want.
    • Work with the words until they evoke a feeling of connection, of authentic power.
    • The phrase can evolve. Just make sure it connects personally.
    • For example: ‘In everything I do, I am guided by love.’ ‘I am worthy to lead.’ ‘I am a sword of truth and justice.’

Every day, before each significant action that you take, pause and:

    • Take several deep, relaxing breaths.
    • Speak your phrase three times, silently or out loud.
    • Use this pause in your busy day to actually connect.
    • Remember what is most important to you, why you do what you do.

Make some real connection between this deeper purpose or vision, and specific action you are about to take. These activities might include:

    • Any face-to-face meeting with an individual or group.
    • Any significant telephone call.
    • Any significant writing: important e-mails, memos, documents, etc.
    • There are likely to be many such actions each day.

Journal daily about what you are experiencing and learning from doing this practice.

As in any meditative practice, if you find yourself forgetting or losing focus, simply begin again. Indulging in frustration, self-criticism, or analysis of why you didn’t do it will only distract you from the practice. If you forget to do these spiritual exercises, even for days at a time, when you reconnect, simply start anew. Just make sure to pause for a moment of remembrance before you proceed.

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