The Rich Get Richer, The Poor

The Rich Get Richer, The Poor…

Promoted as an economic ‘stimulus’ plan, the tax-cut bill the
House passed last week would be more aptly called a War
Profiteering package for wealthy corporations.

The Senate is now debating H. R. 3090 with controversial section
103 that calls for the Repeal of the Alternative Minimum tax. The
latter is a law that ‘requires hugely profitable companies to pay
at least some tax, no matter how many loopholes they can find,’
writes Wes Boyd, in an action alert newsletter for

Not only would corporations no longer have to pay at least some
tax, writes Boyd, but the repeal is retroactive for the last 15
years. That means that, among others, IBM would get $1.4 billion,
General Motors gets $833 million, and General Electric would get
$671 million.

To take action on this blatant example of war profiteering, take a
look at the following list of resources.
— Sara V.
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