The Right Friend

The Right Friend, Michael Tedder,
To all of you liberal folks who go to bed every night secure in the
knowledge that you are sufficiently open-minded, Michael Tedder of
Ironminds throws down a challenge: try making friends
with a Republican. In an amusing essay, Tedder describes his
10-year friendship with Shaun, a complex fellow who’s into the
Ramones, porn, substance abuse and….George W. Bush. The
friendship is a study in contrasts, but it allows Tedder the
opportunity to reflect on his own liberal-perhaps
overly-sensitive-political beliefs. ‘While Shaun is still
pro-choice,’ Tedder writes, ‘he’s sick of people who are too stupid
to use condoms. I agree, actually. But I don’t have the gall to say
it out loud. Wouldn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, after all.’
Although the friendship continues, Tedder claims ‘being friends
with Republicans is [a] true challenge.’
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