The Son Also Rises

The Son Also Rises, Lisa Sorg,
Killing the Buddha
In his new book, Son of a Preacher Man, Jay Bakker writes
about his life as the son of soiled evangelists Jim and Tammy and
his hopes to connect with the tattooed and pierced youth that the
Christian Right has forsaken. Lisa Sorg reviews Bakker’s new book
and looks at the youth behind it on theKilling the
Web site. She describes how Bakker became
disenchanted with mainstream Christianity and how he and his
friends started Revolution, a Christian ministry for the homeless
and jackbooted, the pierced and tattooed. Sorb’s review admonishes
Bakker for his protection of his parents sordid past and praises
his aims at spreading the gospel. ‘Although Jay’s ministry doesn’t
reach as many people (and thus, isn’t as well-funded) as his
father’s, this son of a preacher is connecting with followers by
acknowledging the truth is rarely black and white, but rather in
shades of gray.’
–Sara V. Buckwitz
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