The Three R’s of Ecofashion

Make stylish friends
You already raid your best friend’s closet on occasion, so why not
make it official? Gather your dearest (or best-dressed) friends and
host a clothes swap. Each person brings a few garments that never
seem to make it out of the closet. Someone will be stoked to
inherit your misfits, and you too might find that perfect

Stock up on basics, then thrift your heart

Saggy-bottomed corduroys are great for a romp in the woods but not
advisable for a job interview. For a more presentable but still
thrifty ensemble, try spending the bigger bucks on your basics
(like that versatile organic cotton blazer that looks and feels
incredible and promises to last several lifetimes). Then sprinkle
in some secondhand sass: a silk scarf here, a funky belt there.
Balance is key.

Just go surfing
The Internet is a great place to score secondhand clothing. If
you’re feeling daring (and your workplace doesn’t have a dress
code), browse the cyber-racks at At the very least,
you’ll get a kick out of what’s for sale. Last time I checked,
there was a ‘barely worn’ tiara and a pair of Harley-Davidson

Add one part sparkle and two parts whimsy
The trick here is to add whimsy to clothes that have lost their
spark. Start collecting textile tidbits that catch your eye
(ribbons from a recent birthday gift, fabric from a retired
nightgown), and use them to cheer up your uninspired garments. Add
buttons, create pockets, get downright unruly with neckline

Ditch your Dryer and your Dry Cleaner
From chemicals used in dry cleaning to the energy required to do a
hot laundry load, a garment can continue to do environmental harm
throughout its lifetime. Avoid dry-clean-only garments and look for
clothes that will take wellto the clothesline. Also, wash your
clothes on cold. The hot water doesn’t matter as much as you

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