The Top 10 Censored Stories of 2002-03

Coverage — or the lack of it — of the neo-conservative plan
for global dominance, known as the Project for a New American
Century (PNAC), tops Project Censored’s list of the most
underreported stories of the year. The PNAC, cooked up in the late
’90s by Bush administration hawks Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle,
and cheerleaders William Kristol, and Jeb Bush, was ignored by the
vast majority of mainstream media and would have been completely
overlooked if not for the work of Harper’s Magazine,
Mother Jones, The Sunday Herald, and Among the other stories highlighted this year
were reports of efforts to make unions disappear, the hazards of
depleted uranium, the threat of African colonialism, and (full
disclosure) my story detailing Argentina’s financial crisis.
Leif Utne

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