The World-Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference

World-Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference,
web site review by
Al Paulson
What do you do when business forces you to roam far from your
comfortable, familiar environs and leaves you without the security
of the sushi bar you frequent? It’s not like being away from your
neighborhood Starbucks; you can find a similar franchise anywhere.
Don’t worry, your raw fish dependency will no longer keep you from
wandering the globe. With the World-Wide Sushi Restaurant
a search engine dedicated to finding sushi bars
in every corner of the planet, all you have to do is click on a
geographic region such as ‘North America’ and the site guides you
to the closest sushi spot near where you plan to be. This doesn’t
guarantee that sushi can be found in such primitive, uncivilized
locals as the nation of Chad, the arctic circle or rural Minnesota,
but wouldn’t you rather know that before you find yourself in these
netherworlds with a powerful hankering for uncooked eel?
–Al Paulson

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