This Is Not My Desk

This Is Not My Desk, Web site review by
Sara Buckwitz,
For anyone who does temp work, here’s a site to make the experience
a little less drab. Christopher Livingston, the man behind the
Not My Desk, writes a regular column about his life
and the diversions he finds to keep himself (mostly) sane. On
Monday, he wrote about how he misses taking ferries to work,
because ‘it’s such a civilized way to commute.’ The site features
various essays on the travails of temp life, three diversionary Web
sites and a space for networking with fellow temp workers. If
you’re looking to kill some time, or buy a nose-shaped pencil
sharpener, check out the review of Office Playground; it highlights
all kinds of fun desk toys.
–Sara V. Buckwitz

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