Toby Radloff: A Real American Nerd

Toby Radloff is a self-proclaimed Genuine Nerd with a simple
life goal: ?to retire a government employee and act part time for
extra money.? With his most recent film, American
, winning the Grand Prize in the dramatic category at
Sundance, this gainfully employed VA hospital worker will be coming
soon to a theater near you. Film Threat?s Eric Campos interviews
Radloff, whose Genuine Nerd persona led to a series of appearances
on MTV in the mid-eighties and starring roles in such cult classics
as Townies, Killer Nerd, and Bride of Killer
. Can a Hollywood-caliber film career be far behind? If
appearing as himself in American Splendor doesn?t put him
on Tinseltown?s radar, his role as a carnival freak in the upcoming
B-Film horror flick, Aberration Boulevard, directed by VA
hospital coworker Wayne Alan, certainly should.
Erin Ferdinand

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