TV is a Turn on

TV is a Turn on,Andy Dehnart, Reality Blurred’s Exposed
As TV Turnoff Week is coming to a close, maybe it’s time to evaluate its success. Andy Dehnart, a TV aficionado, attacks the TV Turnoff Network for promoting a simple solution to what he sees as a complex problem. In his rant on Exposed, part of, Dehnart acknowledges that he supports “grassroots efforts that aim to change our world.” However, the concept that TV Turnoff week “encourages children and adults to watch much less television in order to promote healthier lives and communities,” he finds absurd. “It’s like we either have a world with TV, or a world with healthy lives and happy fun communities,” he writes. “And that’s so disingenuous — just as it is to say that a single week without television will help solve problems that are very real and deserve attention,” he argues. Instead, he agrees more with Adbuster’s take on TV Turnoff Week: that the week should be spent thinking about our respective TV-watching habits. To prove his point, on his personal Web log, he tracks all the TV he watches this week and publishes his thoughts on it. Who knows, maybe his and your viewing habits could change after a little scrutiny.
— Sara V. Buckwitz
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