Undue Influence?

In jolly old England, protocol dictates that newspaper
proprietors separate their politics from their business operations.
Conrad Black, owner of England?s Telegraph newspapers
recently broke form by announcing that his publications ?would
vigorously campaign for a referendum on the European constitution.?
Lord Black?s announcement has ?raised the stakes in the stand-off
between the government and the press,? writes Guardian
reporter Matt Wells. While other British newspapers, such as the
Daily Mail and the Sun have also pressed the
government to allow the people to vote on whether or not to join
the European Union, the Telegraph is the only publication
so brazenly promoting Lord Black?s personal opinion that the EU is
?a ?ramshackle structure of alternative influence? to the United
States,? Wells reports. Black asks, ?[Why] is Mr. Blair apparently
so keen on an EU constitution in the first place? Indeed, it is
only if he makes the wrong decision now that the question of a
referendum will arise.?
?Erin Ferdinand

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