Unemployed Man Tails Tax Cut PR Tour

As Bush’s economic team tours Minnesota and Wisconsin this week
promoting the economic benefits of the recent tax cuts, John
Andrew, a recently ‘downsized’ hi-tech employee from Minneapolis,
is spreading the truth in their wake: ‘this economy stinks, and
Bush’s tax cuts are making it worse.’ On his new web site,
(temporarily at, he notes
that 8,500 jobs are being lost each day. John departed from the
Minnesota State Capitol at noon Monday and headed for Milwaukee,
where he’ll give chase to Treasury Secretary John Snow and Commerce
Secretary Don Evans as they embark on a two-day five-city bus trip
and ‘give their PR tour a dose of reality.’ Commenting on the fact
that ‘Bush spends a lot of time lately talking about our security
from Saddam Hussein,’ the web site features a picture of John’s
cute son pointing out from the screen, Uncle Sam-style, over the
caption: ‘Mr. Bush, my kids will be safe when their family has
health insurance.’
Joel Stonington

Go there>>, soon to
be www.JobforJohn.com

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