Unitedforpeace.org,Web site review by Abbie Jarman
“A world at peace is a world where everybody has a cooperative heart,” writes Norene Alameda of California on the social justice organization United for Peace’s virtual bulletin board. And cooperation is United for Peace’s rallying cry, collaborating with other organizations worldwide to stop political and social injustice. The San Francisco-based group is particularly intent on stopping the war on Iraq before it begins, using their Web site as a launch pad to create waves of protest around the globe. We have a small sliver of time to stop the war, United for Peace forecasts, requiring quick action to raise awareness. The site instructs citizens on what role they can play, like writing to Congress before it votes on a war resolution in mid-October, and taking advantage of the liberal environment of college campuses to organize protests. United for Peace also gathers and posts upcoming anti-war events from around the world. The site has logged 237 events in seven countries. While America’s impending war on Iraq is Justice for Peace’s current concern, their ongoing effort is to diminish divisions and oppression across the world, wherever the problem may be.
–Abbie Jarman
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